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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday event fundraiser...

So this fundraiser is to promote rescue work. Each blogger is to pick a rescue organization they will split the prize winnings with (or give all of it to). If you want more info on what this is all about check out Two Little Cavaliers for all the details! I will also post a link of all the participating blogs for you to peruse and glean inspiration, information and joy from! I have visited a few already myself and plan to check out the rest. Of course three of my favorite breeds are represented…Newfoundlands, Sibes and Cavaliers, but where are all the Pyrenees people??
 Anyway, choosing a recue organization is hard for me, there are so many amazing ones in this area and I have personal ties to many of them. IGPR, will forever be in my heart as that is where Beanie came from and they were so amazing to us. NGPR is the national Pyrenees organization and they help Pyr rescue groups all over the country, a big undertaking! Killuminati Foundation is saving animals by providing desperately needed emergency medical funds to families and rescue groups for dogs in need of major surgery or medical care. SAAF House is saving lives by offering low cost spay/ neuter and vaccine services, even to feral cats! To date they've altered over 5,000 animals and they've only been in operation just over a year! SNAP is another spay/neuter assistance program. Of course there is the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri which I obviously have a very large tie to. As you can see the choice is hard with such amazing organizations in the area. In fact the choice is so hard, I can't decide. I may pick one for the bulk of the prize and then with my portion divide it up amongst the rest! Either way you can rest assured an animal will be saved! Now go check out all the other bloggers participating and enjoy some doggy time!!

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