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Monday, June 4, 2012

I Survived!!

I just survived 10 1/2 hrs caring for two puppies under 11 weeks old!! Let em explain.

A week ago I took on my very first "real" training client! He was getting a Viszla puppy and was wanting daycare as well as puppy training! VERY exciting! She is adorable and sweet and ENERGETIC!! =) I had her for two full days of daycare last week, what fun! She is whip smart and really getting the whole clicker thing! Socializing her has been fun, she draws a crowd wherever she goes.

On saturday I flew to Missouri to pick up my long awaited very first Cavalier puppy. I have wanted a Cavalier in my family for almost 13 years, I've even had his name picked out! So on sunday I flew home with Jojen, a nine week old ruby Cavalier boy. Today he and Nusa (pronounced Noosha) met. Sparks flew, and not necessarily the good kind!

They are both pretty confident puppies and so it was a race to see who could mount who faster. Of course Jojen was smaller but he managed to best her nearly every time! They each had multiple time outs within the first 1/2 hr. As the day went on play got a little more even keeled but they would still get a little hot headed and need to be redirected. So that is what I worked on with them today, being called away from a heavy distraction as well as some calming sits to help settle them down! All in all they did very well, they shared toys pretty nicely, traded off being the chaser and chasee and would do quite a bit of self interrupting. I managed to keep them pretty well managed as far as potting outside, only failing to act quickly enough on Nusa's signs once.

I am very proud of myself for this day( I even managed to grocery shop and cook dinner!) and hope tomorrow is as successful, but as always I know with puppies to take it one moment at a time! =)

Here is some cuteness to feast your eyes on!